Meet Carolyn

I never set out to become a Money Psychologist...

But as a little girl I always wanted to have my own business. Leaving university in the early 90's armed with my shiny BA in Business Studies, I thought I knew everything there was to know about business (how wrong could I be!) but I were so many fears (what if I'm not good enough? what if I fail and embarrass myself?), so I couldn't find the excitement / energy / ideas and passion to start a business of my own.

So I did what everyone was doing and went into the corporate world

And that's where I meet my husband and we moved overseas...

Over the next 30 years we lived and worked in many countries including New Zealand, China and Thailand which meant finding a new job everytime we relocated. It was a nightmare! Finally I woke up to the realisation that I wanted more work/life balance, I didn't want to be paying other people to raise my children and that I was tired of working for peanuts!

I'd love to say being self employed was a HUGE success...

But it wasn't! Each time I found myself hiding behind my website, procrastinating, self sabotaging and generally not doing the things I KNEW would make my business grow and earn me money. It was INCREDIBLY frustrating and I tried everything from working with coaches, to buying lots of courses but the resistance and fears never left. My relationship with my husband suffered because I would lie about my spending habits and I was so ashamed that my mental health suffered

And that's when a friend introduced me to the world of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and healing trauma. Over the next 6 years I learnt how my early Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) and corporate burnout had impacted my nervous system and brain development and how the effects were now showing up in my business. I wasn't "crazy" or "incompetent" I needed to heal myself because reading lots of self help books and thinking positively about money just wasn't enough. What followed was a quest to heal myself and my money habits which meant going back to University.

Today I've found my passion..

As I began to apply what I'd learnt to my money blocks and share what I knew about trauma with my friends, my income improved and I gained more and more clients. Since then I've helped clients heal their stories of sexual abuse, bullying, horrible teachers, parental divorce, emotional neglect and much more. Helping my clients see that they can make more money, they're not lazy or incompetent, gives me so much joy and pleasure. Today I have the privilege of helping business owners transform and release their resistance, heal their money stories and build the abundant futures they want for their families


"After the first couple of sessions (all on zoom) I felt a sense of peace and self acceptance that I hadn't for years. My habits and behaviour around money have positively improved but the biggest freedom I feel is a release from past trauma.

I highly recommend starting with a discovery chat with Carolyn - and if you feel the nudge to work with her, follow that instinct and know you will become better equipped with tools and habits to serve you going forward in life.." - Joanne

"I had an illuminating & fun EFT business session with Carolyn - it's amazing how 'simple words' can attach feelings to them that may interfere with our lives (not just in our business). Let's just say - the possibilities have now become a big green tick for the future! Thanks Carolyn." - Chloe

"After experiencing a traumatic incident of my own, Carolyn had me back in a calm and serene state, where I was able to easily control my own emotions again.

If you are someone who has experienced any kind of trauma in your life, I can wholeheartedly recommend Carolyn as the ‘go-to’ expert, who will help you overcome whatever it is you have experienced." - Phil

Office: Rewire Your Money - 17, Castledown Business Park, Tidworth Road, Ludgershall, SP11 9AX, United Kingdom


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