Are You Ready To Rewire Your Money?

Hi, I'm Carolyn...

As a Money Psychologist I help sensitive and heart-led business owners, just like you, to get confident and competent with money, so that they can enjoy the freedom, lifestyle and peace of mind they want

Did you start your business with a dream in mind?

(I know I did)

Maybe you wanted to have more time

Perhaps you had a big difference you wanted to make

Possibly you wanted to have more balance

Or maybe it was to make more money

The reality is that things haven't turned out, the way you thought they would


In the corporate world you'd have had training, supervision and mentorship to start a new job

but now you're running a business, you're on your own

And that's scary!

And fear is the one thing your body knows how to do really well

It's helped you survive and got you to this point in your life

But it's not helpful when you're running a business

When the emails, deadlines, technology and other people's demands are overwhelming

That's when your emotions can sabotage your best intentions and keep you wondering:

Why can't I reach my first 5K, 10K, 50k or 100k month?

Why do I struggle to ask for money and invoice clients?

Why do I hide and play small when I know that I need to be visible?

Why do I sabotage and procrastinate when I know what I should be doing?

Being in business is hard enough!

But being sensitive makes attracting, receiving and keeping money feel twice as challenging

Because as a sensitive business owner, you are more easily overwhelmed and more sensitised to stress

Which means that when it comes to money your emotions have a bigger impact on your habits and behaviour

So you find yourself overspending, struggling to save money or underearning and undercharging

The good news is that all of these behaviours can be rewired

What Gets In The Way?

Tendency Towards Perfectionism

In your desire for excellence you may fall into the trap of perfectionism, striving to deliver flawless products or servies before launching or raising your prices. This mindset can result in procrastination, missed opportunities and a reluctance to charge what you deserve. It's important for you to recognise that imperfection is a part of growth and necessary for your business to thrive

Fear of Rejection and Criticism

You're driven by your desire to make a positive impact in other people's lives and connect with others. However, the fear of rejection or criticism can hold you back from promoting your services and confidently asking for what you're worth. This fear can manifest as underpricing, over-delivering or avoiding sales conversations, altogether impacting your business

Emotional and Physical Sensitivity

You experience emotions deeply and can be susceptible to feelings of overwhelm, fear or self-doubt when it comes your business. The pressure to succeed financially can trigger anxiety and stress, leading to self sabotage or procrastination in attracting clients which impacts your money. Learning to acknowledge and honour your emotions is important in minimising the impact on your business and improving your physical and emotional well-being

Money Mindset and Self Worth

Maybe you struggle with feelings of not being good enough, which can impact your relationship with money. Deep-seated beliefs and unconscious vows about scarcity or a lack of deserving may sabotage your efforts to attract abundance and prosperity. Cultivating a positive money mindset and building emotional resiliency is an essential step towards unlocking your financial abundance

Setting Boundaries

You have a strong sense of empathy but may struggle with setting boundaries so that you give your time and energy away for free, or low cost. You prioritise relationships over money and then end up compromising your worth or tolerating other people's needs over your own self care. Learning to establish and uphold healthy boundaries is crucial to protecting your personal and financial well-being and success

What people say.....

"If I had only found Carolyn sooner! She gets right to the heart of the matter in a profound, gentle and loving way. My sessions with her have blown my mind because they truly are life changing. I can't believe the clarity I have now. Work with her, you'll never regret it!"

Becky C. - Mindset Coach

"I feel like something fundamental has shifted the process was very gentle. but extremely deep, and I know that it's working because I feel different. I can't recommend Carolyn enough!"

Emma S. - Business Mentor

"We focused on my business but Carolyn's help has impacted every aspect of my life in ways I didn't know I needed until we found each other! I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Kate G. - Business Owner - Gin Palace

What does a Money Psychologist do?

Strengthen your action-taking muscles

Empower you to identify and heal all the ways you disassociate, devalue and forget just how powerful you are

Improve your confidence to talk about money

Talking about money can feel uncomfortable so I provide a safe space for you to get comfortable and let go of any embarassment, guilt and shame

Release childhood patterns around money

Recognising how your childhood patterns are stopping you from achieving what you want and how to change them

Strengthen your wealth creation muscles

Having money for a "rainy day" takes strong wealth creation muscles. Working with a therapist helps you make faster progress

Helping you decided what success looks like for you

Knowing what is important to you and having a plan to get there means you're much more likely to succeed

Strengthen your legacy

Being able to role model good wealth creation behaviours is what teaches your children how to create wealth for themselves

Discovering your Superpowers

Life events, accidents and other traumas can stop us from seeing ourselves as we truly are and prevent us achieving what we're really capable of

Rewire your stress and anxiety

Rewiring your nervous system means you take focused inspired action without the stress, anxiety and fear

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