Upgrade your Money Quotient (MQ)

Creating wealth is built on 3 key components

Money Quotient (MQ)

Understanding your mind and body money connection and how you developed it, will enable you to change your thoughts. feelings and behaviours, so that you see new and exciting opportunities. attract more clients and make more sales

Audacious Goals (G)

Setting audacious goals that excite you whilst acknowledging and releasing your fears, worries and stress from previous goal setting disappointments, will clear the path for you to build confidence, courage and receive more money

Effective Habits (H)

Consistent action together with supercharged inner motivation and worthiness ensures that you set boundaries, release guilt, take responsibility and prioritise yourself so that you can build your wealth and go from financial insecurity to financial freedom

" Your Money Quotient (MQ) is your ability to attract, receive and keep money and apply that wisdom in creating your financial freedom"

We start by defining your Money Quotient (MQ)

(once you understand how you relate to money then you can start to change it)

  • Understanding your Money Quotient means developing an positive money mindset where you're more compassionate to yourself, value your skills and experience and become more attractive to money and opportunities

  • Having a safe, confidential and supportive space in which to acknowledge your true feelings, allows them to be released, deeper wisdom to be internalised and inner guidance received

  • Noticing the consequences of past guilt, fear, shame, anger and hurt gives permission for change to take place and supercharges motivation, courage and deserving

  • Realigning your mind and body connection results in effortless and focused action

  • Continous challenge and support eliminates procrastination and self sabotage helping to create a continuous spiral of business and personal growth

Working With Carolyn


Working with me

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Yes! Then book a free 30 minute Curiosity call with me where i'll take you through a framework to identify what's holding you back from your next income level

My Money Quotient (MQ) Signature Program will upgrade your Money Mindset and reset your stress response, so that you're aligned for success.

When you went into business you had a dream...

I know I did!

Hi, I'm Carolyn and I help heart-led business owners just like you to reach their next income level so that they can enjoy the freedom, lifestyle and peace of mind they want

  • Maybe you wanted to have more time

  • Perhaps it was to feel more fulfilled

  • Possibly it was to have more work/lifebalance

  • Or maybe it was to make more money so you could go on nice holidays and treat your family

But the reality is that every day has been an emotional roller coaster


In the corporate world you'd have had training, supervision and mentorship to start a new job but now you're running a business, you're on your own

And that's scary!

And fear is the one thing your body knows how to do really well

It helped you survive and got you to this point in your life

But it's not helpful when you're running a business

When the emails, deadlines, technology and other people's demands are overwhelming

And the fear strikes, your Money Quotient is triggered

  • You might be struggling to find consistent clients and make sales

  • Or wondering why you haven't matched your income level from your corporate job yet?

  • Or you might be wondering why you can't reach your first 5K, 10K, 50k or 100k month

Everytime you go for a new income level your Money Quotient is triggered:

- You listen to a podcast about using A.I. (trigger) - "I'm going to have to work really hard" (belief) - your stomach clenches and you feel a shortness of breath (body reaction)

- Your child tells you they need a costume for tomorrow (trigger) - "I don't have enough hours in the day" (belief) - you feel sick and exhausted (body reaction)

- The newspaper tells you there's a recession coming (trigger) - "I can't find any clients" (belief) - you can't sleep at night and you wake at 3am (body reaction)

And that's when people find me!

When their existing Money Quotient (MQ) is holding them back


"If I had only found Carolyn sooner! She gets right to the heart of the matter in a profound, gentle and loving way. My sessions with her have blown my mind because they truly are life changing. I can't believe the clarity I have now. Work with her, you'll never regret it!"

  • Becky C. - Mindset Coach

"I feel like something fundamental has shifted The process was very gentle. but extremely deep, and I know that it's working because I feel different. I can't recommend Carolyn enough!"

Emma S. - Business Mentor

"We focused on my business but Carolyn's help has impacted every aspect of my life in ways I didn't know I needed until we found each other! I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Kate G. - Business Owner - Gin Palace

What does a Money Psychologist do?

Strengthen your action-taking muscles

Empower you to identify and heal all the ways you disassociate, devalue and forget just how powerful you are

Improve your confidence to talk about money

Talking about money can feel uncomfortable so I provide a safe space for you to get comfortable and let go of any embarassment, guilt and shame

Release childhood patterns around money

Recognising how your childhood patterns are stopping you from achieving what you want and how to change them

Strengthen your wealth creation muscles

Having money for a "rainy day" takes strong wealth creation muscles. Working with a therapist helps you make faster progress

Helping you decided what success looks like for you

Knowing what is important to you and having a plan to get there means you're much more likely to succeed

Strengthen your legacy

Being able to role model good wealth creation behaviours is what teaches your children how to create wealth for themselves

Discovering your Superpowers

Life events, accidents and other traumas can stop us from seeing ourselves as we truly are and prevent us achieving what we're really capable of

Rewire your stress and anxiety

Rewiring your nervous system means you take focused inspired action without the stress, anxiety and fear

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